Random Schrijf Toelie #1 Mirror

Gepubliceerd op 3 oktober 2020 om 18:16

- 10 mei 2020 -

As I sit at my desk

I think about a moment I had yesterday


I was looking into a mirror

Late at night


I felt like i was hit

By an invisible spray


It took me on a spiritual flight

And although it only lasted for like five minutes

It felt like an eternity


I was hit with so much calmness

And all in life felt right


I was in a livestream to my past year

And I couldn’t leave


I was sitting there in disbelieve

All the struggles I faced

And all that I achieved


I felt such a peace

What once was foggy

I saw crystal clear


I was filled with gratitude

A soft voice whispered in my ear

Positive vibes, wrapped in realism


It all changed like the tides

But keep working on yourself

For tides keep changing

And so must you


Keep evolving into a better version

For your family, your friends

The people you love

But mostly, for yourself


In my mind I took a picture

With a big wide lens


And I know, next year

I will encounter a moment like this again


Once more, not believing how far I came

And feel that calmness and peace

In the purest form

Flowing through my veins


-Rick Herman Peter-



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