Random Schrijf Toelie #2 Note to Self

Gepubliceerd op 5 oktober 2020 om 16:20

- 26 februari 2020 -

If you looked into a calm, beautiful river

Would you be able to see your own reflection

Your whole reflection

The good and the bad

Or just a specific selection


Are you mature enough to admit

You made mistakes

And you still make mistakes today

If someone confronts you with it

You look them in the eye

Or do you look away


Are you ready to grow as a person

Or will you stay stuck in your ways

What is feeding you

What is draining you

Lots of things are not forever

Often it’s just a phase


Do you take some time to step back

And just observe

The actions of others and your own

Do you share it with some

Or you prefer to stay alone


Whatever you do

Whatever you decide

Just know, I got you


Love, self


-Rick Herman Peter-


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