Random Schrijf Toelie #3 Hope

Gepubliceerd op 12 oktober 2020 om 16:20

-  28 februari 2020 - 

When the light is turned off

Darkness entered and never left

All the happiness and ambition you ever had

Was taken from you



You feel alone

Getting out of bed feels like

The biggest challenge there is

Going to school

Going to work

Feels like drowning in a pool


A pool filled with other people

Either staring at you like


Or they don’t notice a thing



Panic attacks more often than not

Sweaty palms

Heart beating out your chest

All you body and mind want

Is rest


But when it’s time to sleep

You just stare at the ceiling

Cuz the roots of these bad thoughts

Goes way to deep


If despite all that

You are still hanging in there

Still have hope

Fighting for a better life

Staying alive for yourself and

All the people around you


To me, you are more sacred

Than the pope


You rock!

Keep doing you

Hang in there

Darkness will fade

The sky will be blue

And the sun is shining

Once again, for you


-Rick Herman Peter-


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