R.S.T. #6 Deep Blue Ocean

Gepubliceerd op 16 november 2020 om 16:20

- 6 maart 2020 - 

Sometimes you have these days

Filled with realisation

Gratitude overflows

Cauze you notice

How far you came

And you ain't no longer the same


You've been through growth

You matured and

Don't let external things

Imbalance your inner world


Your heart which has been 

Cold as ice

Is warming up again

But to be cautious

You do think twice


It all was a journey

Hell & back

But now when you 

Stare out your window

It ain't dark no more

You see bits of heaven


One thing is for sure

You're with your boat

At the beginning of the shore

Waiting to discover 

The deep blue ocean


Rick Herman Peter


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