R.S.T. #7 Lonely

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- 2 december 2020 - 

You're in a room full of people

Everybody is having a blast


You talk to your friends and

You're trying to pull of a fake smile


But the time you really enjoyed

Those kinda moments 

Is way in the past


You hoped this time

Getting out the door and doing stuff

Would be worthwhile


But being with others

And feeling loved

Is something that doesn't rhyme, anymore


You could be with a thousand people

And still feel all alone


If feeling lonely was a sport

You would be sitting on the throne


If this sounds familiar to you

I really understand why you are feeling blue


I was once sitting on that throne

No matter where, or with whom

I always felt alone


Please hang in there

I know it's hard

And I know it's terrible


You might feel like your soul

is inrepairable


But trust me, it ain't

You are stronger

You are more loved

You are more beautiful 

Than you feel at this moment


Clouds will move

The stars will shine


Hang in there

I promise it will be worthwhile


Only love


Rick Herman Peter



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